European Fertilisers Blenders Association

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How to join EFBA?

usersAny new member must be a physical or moral person represented by an association with a deep interest and with an experience on the issues related to fertilisers. Its admission shall be subject to the approval of all full members of the Association.

Only one full member per country will be admitted, this member being the organisation judged to be the most representative of this country. The member will strive to encourage the Association carrying out a "bulk blending" activity.

Every member of EFBA must undertake to pay the annual dues which will be established by the annual general meeting.

How is EFBA organised?

organisationEFBA is managed by a Board (President, Vice President and General Secretary) which number of members, set during the general assembly, is of 12 members at most elected for 3 years.

The president shall convene the general meetings and the board meeting. He is invested with full power.

The General secretary is responsible for all matters of correspondence and archiving. He draws up the agendas and minutes of the board or general assembly.

The Treasurer is responsible for all matters concerning the financial management of the association

What are EFBA objects ?

bousolleEFBA activities are entirely oriented towards those concerns which are common to its members, at the European level and wider, if appropriate. It is agreed that EFBA will not intervene for its members at national level.

The objects of the association is to encourage among members the exchange of economic information of a general nature concerning the market of fertilisers, to keep abreast of texts and draft texts published by the EC and CEN in the field of fertilisers and to inform the members therefore, to organise visits and studying travel, to publicise leaflet and brochure to promote fertiliser blending

Edito of the President

PLG Picture2Dear Friends,

In a rapidly changing world the main task of an association is to try and understand new trends and suggest to the members how to move accordingly.

Today we are facing several challenges: raw materials costs, environmental issues and new regulations. In such a context blended fertilisers are more and more popular, but people involved in such a business have to play their role in the best way on the fertiliser quality, reliability and agronomic efficiency.

Presently seven national associations are in EFBA, representing the major agricultural countries in Europe and we hope soon the few missing will join us.

I thank my colleagues who offered me the honour to be President of EFBA and I will try to do my best for an association more and more successful in supporting our member activities.

Pier Luigi Graziano

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Private Area

This space is strictly reserved to the members of EFBA. You will find hereafter the minutes of the general assembly, the figures per year of each member country as well as useful documents in favor of a good development of the fertiliser market.

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